wpid-screenshot_2014-11-08-10-06-01-1.png                           Silence

The last thing I remember before the silence? I think it must have been the pain. A burning in my chest. I didn’t know anything had hit me at first. I kept on running with the others. Then the burning and the darkness. That was it all over. Just like that.

Here I stand now. Shoulder to shoulder with the living. Shoulder to shoulder with the dead.
My great uncle stands next to me. I never knew him. None of us did. But we never forgot him. Known only through photos and the stories of older relatives. I stand with him now.
WW II took him from us. Died at the hands of the Nazi’s.  Me at the hands of terrorists.
The difference in our uniforms show the decades that divide us but the strength and pride in our hearts unite us now. Unites the living with the dead.
Here we stand. All of us. Those lost in war past and present. Side by side as the living remember us.
A great sense of pride hits us as the crowd fall silent. We stand up tall. Head held high.
And then in the silence great sadness and loss. For our lives. For the families. For the future that we never had.
Then it is over. The living go back to their lives. They live for us now. For everything that we fought for. My uncle taught me that.
And us. We go back to resting. Until next year. When we rise again.
(C) 2014 Christine Jones. All Rights Reserved.