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I'm not sure when it started. The drinking! I'm sat in the waiting room of a psychiatrist because of it. They think I'm crazy! Apparently someone found me slumped by the canal. But how did I get there? All I... Continue Reading →


Dear failure

Dear failure, Who the hell do you think you are? Trying to destroy me. Trying to bring me to my knees. Making me shake with fear. Holding me back! When you're around I can't focus on anything else but you.... Continue Reading →

Purple skies

“Ship 109, do you hear me? We are waiting for your signal” “Ship 109 we are ready at your say so! Please! Please! Come back for us!” Why do I bother? Everyday I make the walk to the station, put... Continue Reading →

The writers brain: Amazing or annoying?

Picture this: your having lunch with a friend and you are both wrapped up in a bit of gossip about a co worker who recently walked out of the job. Your eyes are suddenly drawn to the old man sat... Continue Reading →

The night of Halloween

Sharon was home alone! She had been looking forward to this night for weeks! The kids were having a sleep over at Grandmas and Sharon had planned to slob out in front of the tv with a large glass of... Continue Reading →

Drury Lane

Drury Lane October 2017 Hannah was absolutely fed up of waking in the night to a woman's crying. At first she had felt sorry for her. But this had been going on for months now. They had only been in... Continue Reading →

Football from the Grave

"Meet you on the park after school!" Liam shouted to Adam before disappearing into his classroom. The two boys would meet every Tuesday for a kick around. They were on the same team in the district league and took every... Continue Reading →


                           Silence The last thing I remember before the silence? I think it must have been the pain. A burning in my chest. I didn't know anything had hit me at first. I kept on running with the others. Then... Continue Reading →

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